Sunday, December 9, 2012

Final Reflection Video

Project # 13

How We Collaborated

During Project 15 and 16 our group used many tools some of the tools we used to communicate to one another and complete our project were Skype, Google Docs, Google chat, and Flip recorders. While working on these projects it was also Thanksgiving so we had to do our work individually but at the same time we posted our work on Google docs so that our teammates can see what we have been working on and if they have some suggestions to improve what we worked on. We also used Google chat to communicate the next time we were meeting and what our individual roles were. For project 16 we also met up and went over out parts with one another using Skype. We would read out roles to the other teammates and we would give each other feedback. Also for both Project 15 and 16 we used the Flip video recorders to record our video projects. Over all we worked very well together and using all of these tools helped us manage our time and allowed us to meet and communicate without being together in the same room.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Project #15

PLN Final Post

My personal learning network is made up of people, places, events and seems to grow daily. I may never speak to or see most of the people and they may not have me in their learning and/or research environment, but they are in mine. I follow people on Twitter and I find others in the process of research or class assignments. Their follows lead me to others. My PLN has grown so much over this semester. I find it to be very helpful.

C4K summary

Lillian's Blog

In this students bolg she shared the the lies in high school. these ten lies were
1.they tell you they will help you
2.they are always there for you
3. you will enjoy your school year
4. no drug zone
5. they will always listen
6. the school is safe
7.they have the best teachers
8. you will graduate
9. have a good education
10. win every game you have
As we all know high school can be very difficult for some students and I guess this student is just pointing out things that she herself has came to a conclusion about.

Happy Birthday

on my other C4k the student wrote about her birthday. She told us about everything that she has gotten and shared what everything she got was. a few of the things she got were 20 dollar gift card and a lalaloopsy littles doll. She sounded very happy with all of her gifts and said she had a great birthday.

C4T Post# 2

How to Decentralize a Classroom

In Mrs. Heidi Siwak's blog she shared to the readers how much technology has come into her classroom this past year. She also said how her class is on a very big learning curve until they figure out how to use it effectively. This sounds a lot like out EDM 310 class to me. One thing she said they have struggled with is classroom layout and flow for collaborative learning. This week she came across two excellent videos that demonstrate how layout works to enhance collaborative, low risk, high-engagement learning. these two videos are very informative and helpful.
Steelcase Labs used design theory to reinvent learning spaces Fielding Nair International, a school in the USA looked at out to reinvent a school affordably.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Final Project Progress

For our final project we have chosen to make a video that will help future EDM 310 students. We have gotten a script wrote out and had a meeting on our Google docs and threw using Google talk.We all added and edited our own little touches to the project and this week we are having a meeting at regular class time to work on it.

Blog Post# 13

A vision of students today

This short video summarizes some of the most important characteristics of students today. It shows the viewer how they learn, what they need to learn, their goals, aspiration’s, dreams for the future, what their lives are going to be like, and what changes they will occur in their lifetime. As a teacher or a university president I would think that the message of this video is that we need to prepare our students the best way we can for what life is going to throw at them now and in the future. We as teachers should teach our students how to use the tools of technology properly because that’s what our future in education is going to be. We already use tools such as blogs, PLN’s, Skype, and Twitter. We must also understand that students have busy lives, a perfect example of this was when during the video when the students were holding up the signs that said I spend 3hrs online a day and I spent 2hrs a day on the phone eventually when it was all added up before the day was over the students were spending 26.5hrs a day doing stuff, At the end of this they said now that’s multitasking.

My biggest question is as teachers why should our students have to do all of this multitasking and be this loaded down to learn. I don’t think they should be honestly. Studies have shown that multitasking is bad for your memory. For example, Imagine this: You get off the couch to get a snack from the refrigerator, you're interrupted by a phone call, and arrive in the kitchen with no clue why you're there. But why is this? This common scenario illustrates how even the simplest forms of multitasking can lead to glitches in the moment-to-moment processing of information. This is known as working memory, says Adam Gazzaley, MD, an associate professor of neurology, physiology, and psychiatry at the University of California, San Francisco. So why at teacher would we want to make our students multitask when it is detrimental to one thing as teachers we are trying to expand our students memory, knowledge, and how to utilize that knowledge we are instilling in them. I think we as teachers shouldn’t focus on the quantity of work we are expecting from our students but the quality of the work that they do.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Blog Post #12


watch the Pittsburg State Technology in P.E. video. After watching the video wright in your blog what you think about some of the tools they use and your opinion on the use of technology in P.E.. Then watch the Importance of Physical Education video. After this give your openion on what other skills and concepts students learn from Physical Education and besides physical health what other type of health does a student get from a P.E. Class?

Physical Education

After watching the Pittsburg State Technology in PE video found the use of the flip video recorder to be one of the most interesting tools they used. It give instantaneous video feedback to the students this feedback is something the students could use to improve on their skills and exercise routines. It is a lot like a football player watching practice film to see what he did right and what he needs to improve on. With the Flip video recorder students will be able to record their P.E. activity and upload it so that they can watch it and improve on their skills or even to just keep track of exercises that they really enjoyed for future reference. Along with that the students could also upload their videos to a blog site or even you tube to share their progress with the world where people can encourage them to keep working hard. In the Importance of Physical Education video I think a lot of people in today’s society don’t give physical education enough credit in its importance. A lot of people think mandatory Physical Education is a waste of academic time in school but I couldn’t disagree more.

In the Importance of Physical Education video you see that P.E. is way more than doing strenuous activity’s seen in movies and I personally think the way some movies portray P.E. is wrong in so many ways, Physical Education not only helps get students in shape and improve their physical capabilities and appearance but it also allows the students to build confidence, communication skills, teamwork, and relationships with peers. These skills can be transferred over to the class room for example if a student’s goal in P.E. is to do 25 pull ups at the end of the semester. When the student reaches his goal of 25 pull ups a change happens in this student’s mentality not only towards his physical capabilities but his mental capabilities as well. This change that occurs is a boost in self confidence and self-esteem that can be transferred to the way the student takes on his academic work with a more positive I can do attitude. The boost in self-confidence can make a major change in a student’s personal life and may even allow the students to try things they would have never thought about doing all because they took a Physical Education class..

Students Gain mental health also from P.E. some people believe that all students gain out of physical education is all physical but they are wrong part of being health is more than being fit it also has to do with your mental state as well. This means that if someone is physically fit but has low self-esteem or depression then they are not truly fit. True fitness and health is complete when the body and mind both being in great health. Physical Education is a great what to get gain great physical capabilities and mental states.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

C4K summary of October

Eyes on Ireland

On my C4K for October one of them was about Ireland that I Found to be very cool and quite interesting. It was interesting because it contained great information about Ireland. Some of the information that was written that I found interesting is that Ireland became independent from the U.K. in 1921 by treaty. Michael D. Higgins is the chief of state of the Republic, and the head of government is Enda Kenny. I also found out that Ireland was a republic or parliamentary democracy with a bicameral Parliament, and that the Senate was chosen witch I found to be pretty cool. In terms of religion, over 90% of the population of the Republic is Catholic. Of course, religion has played a huge role in the history of this country. I also found out that Ireland has two languages the two are Irish or Gaelic and English. Most of the populations who speak Irish are located along the west coast, although Irish is taught in school. Another fun fact is that obesity rate in Ireland is 13% compared to 35.7% in the U.S. I really enjoyed reading this blog it had a lot of great information and was very insightful.

C4T#3 Post #2

Blended Learning

Reading Mr. Brian Greenberg's blog post on Blend My Learning I learned that they are not in the business of advertising or promoting blended learning they prefer to focus on educators and they have the educators write about the real ups and downs of personalized learning. I think this is key because every educator experiences deffrent obstacles throughout their carers. But in this blog he posted this video is good enough to post.

The reason he posted this video is because it dose a good job of showing what the future of education could look like. They show us a lot of the elements of good blended learning that shows using tech tools in meaningful ways that gets students to truly interact with each other through projects. Some of these projects could be done by using Skype and other multimedia tools. This is what he called “bridging” the gap between home and school. Although this video is way out of reality and is far beyond the budgets of most schools especially in mobile and Baldwin county. In his blog he says yes their are some things that this video does not do and he gives us an example witch is that it still shows many of the same traditional elements of school were there are 27 students to a class with a teacher in front of the class standing in front of the whiteboard. This video was ment to focuses more on technology aspect rather than on school redesign. This video Mr. Greenberg said" is a compelling vision of what blended learning could start to look like, Now let’s make it happen." I really enjoyed reading this blog and watching the video it was very compelling and got me pumped about blended learning.

Blog Post #11

Ms. Cassidy’s Classroom Approach

After watching the video of Ms. Cassidy’s class and then the Skype between here and Dr. Strange one of the main points I got out of it besides what tools and strategies I am going to use in my classroom is the fact that as teachers We cannot teach this generation and generations to come the same way we taught 20 years ago, or even 5 years ago. This is because the world has changed so we as teachers must change the way we teach and what tools we use to teach our students. I have decided that in my classroom I will defiantly use student blogs as one of my tools for learning. I chose student blogs because it allows the students work to be seen not only by the teacher but it allows the whole world to not only sees their work but they can also leave comments to the students on what they think about their work. This would make it very exciting for a first grader or any student to have someone commenting on their work. Blogs are also a good way for a student’s parents to see how well their children are doing in school.

Some of the impediments you might encounter using this in your classroom could be that parents do not want their children on the internet posting work and putting their self out there. I would address this by using the same strategy that Ms. Cassidy’s used by sending home a letter the first day of school explaining what exactly we will be doing online and that the will not be using full name and that they could even make up a screen name such “M_shadows48 class blog ”. This would possibly make the parents feel better about their child’s safety online for internet bullying and possible creepers.

Blogs also help improve the student’s ability to writing and communicate. The communication skills that they will learn are more than just talking on the phone or messaging on Facebook but they will learn how to talk and communicate through Skype and Twitter. This means that with something as simple as blogging students will improve their writing, collaboration, and communication skills. If teachers do not take advantage of the tools online then we are not only handicapping our students but ourselves as well because technology is here to stay so we need to use it to our advantage.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Special Assignment

World Were Grades Will be Left Behind

In the USA Today article A World Where Grades Will Be Left Behind by Mary Beth Marklein you as a reader are given a glimpse of this version of education and learning were it will be free and available to anyone who wants it. In this class room no one is late for class oh and students wont have to worry about failing a class because it is not an option, and a lesson in this classroom resembles something very similar to Angry Birds. The point they are trying to reach is that as a teacher "You want learning to be as much fun as it is to play a video game," says Sebastian Thrun, who is a Google vice president. Thrun founded his own education company called Udacity. He founded this company in January after teaching a free online artificial-intelligence course were he had more than 160,000 students. After this exposure to this new profound experience he announced he could no longer teach in a traditional classroom. He stated at the Digital-Life-Design conference "I feel like there's a red pill and a blue pill, you can take the blue pill and go back to your classroom and lecture your 20 students. But I've taken the red pill, and I've seen Wonderland."
In this classroom with no windows producers create cool special effects, and there are video cameras that capture zoomed in shots of an instructor's hand. as the instructors hand writes diagrams and figures on a white board. This is just one example of what Thurn and his staff of twenty something are creating. In these courses such as making math matter In which the student rescues the Apollo 13 astronauts, stop the spread of epidemics, and fight forest fires. Thurn's Udacity is not the first or last high-tech experiment seeking to change and revolutionize education. Education is an industry that many critics agree is stuck in the last century and in dire need of major change. How will they start this change in education well Thurn's friend Sal Kahn has inspired a growing number of schools across the country to "flip" their classrooms. This is were the students study videos at night and finish their homework in the classroom. So the big question that is ask in this article is how will education look in 30 years? Technology is enabling educators to personalize education and scale it up were classes will involve a sequence of increasingly more challenging exercises and quizzes aimed at helping students master a particular concept or skill.

These classes might be composed of tens,hundreds, if not thousands of students. In this system there will be no more one size fits all. "Education will respond to you." Thurn says. Thurn calls "the failure of the education system" will not exist. In this style of education students will take as much or as little time as they need to demonstrate mastery of a particular skill or concept so it is all dependent on how much the student wants to learn. What makes it even better is the education will be free. Thrun says he's not planning a funeral for brick-and-mortar schools and colleges. He gave us a example of the movie industry were he showed us that as the film-making industry grew more sophisticated it did not end end the live theater. Instead movies became a different form of entertainment. One that could reach the masses at relatively low prices. After reading this article I have to agree with the author I think education needs a change and that if people what to learn then it is available to them without having to worry about failing the class because it all depends on how much the student want to take from the lessons.

My Thoughts

As a future teacher I honestly love to have a flipped classroom were I can be there to use my time in the classroom to actually help the students with their problems instead of lecturing them all day. I feel that if you allow the students to watch a a video that is a visual and a auditory way of learning that they will be able to understand the information better than they would if a teacher is just lecturing in the same monotone voice all day. I also think the no grades thing is a good Idea because most of the time a student only retains information for the upcoming test then forgets about 80% of the material. If the students what to learn they will learn and if they don't then they will wont. I believe that you get out of something with as much work as you put into it. so if you study hard and good you will learn the material if you dont study you wont learn nothing. I really enjoyed this assignment I found it rather insightful on were education is at and were it is heading in the future.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Green Screen Project

Smart Board Project.

Blog Post# 10

Student Teacher Picture

This Picture depicts a Teacher and a student who are comparing themselves to pencils. The teacher is compared a Papermate Pencil who cost less but breaks all the time and the student is compared to a Ticonderoga Pencil that is the most expensive purchase a hipster will make. So what does this mean I myself honestly have no clue. I myself have never had a problem with Papermate Pencils and as for a Ticonderoga Pencil I have never even heard of one till this assignment, I literally had to look it up on Google. If I had to guess what this picture is depicting is that sometimes buying the most expensive things dose not make it any better that the other ones especially when it comes to things such as pencils.

Why Were Your Kids Playing Games

Reading this blog post made me think that Mr. Spencer is saying it does not matter what your teaching style is as long as the kids are engaged and learning. In this case Mr. Spencer's technique was making the students be in a mock factory were they made photos of themselves. I think this is a good technique because if you just say" Ok Kids lets draw our pictures." Some of the students would not pay attention but if you say" Class we are gonna pretend like we are in a factory were we make pictures of ourselves."
That will spark an interest in the students who would not go for just drawing their own picture. I think it makes it more interesting and allows the students to use their imagination while completing their task. Not only do they get the work done but they also learn the information not just memorize it and forget it later on down the road after their test is over. I think the principal of the school just does not understand how the teacher is getting the kids to learn and is just one of those dull boring type of teachers who did not care if the students learned as long as they passed thier test.

Don't Teach Your Kids This Stuff

I really like the way he put this post together it reminds me a lot of this commercial.
The reason this blog post reminds me of this commercial is because this is how a lot of parents and some teachers feel about computers and all the new equipment. They all say it will never catch on and that the old school ways are the way to go. well I think that what Dr. McLeod thinks that we should use all of this new technology things such as twitter, personal learning networks, and Skype. I agree with him 100%, I think that we need to use all of these new tools for education and I feel that as long as the students are engaged and learning not just going through the motions of their work.
Teachers who are ignoring the fact that this is how people are learning and communicating with one another now and will in the future. I don't think that we should just completely abandon the old school way of teaching but we have to integrate the two so that the students still know how to do things such as hand written assignments and math assignments done by hand. I think we should have a good balance between the two.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Blog Post #9

Mr. McClung's Blogs

When reading Mr. McClung’s blog, it really made me think about who I want to be a teacher and who I don’t want to be. Mr. McClung says that one thing that he struggled with was trying to define himself as a teacher. Not by how the students see him but how his peers and fellow workers see him as a educator. When I read this part of the blog I said to myself “How do I want my peers to see me as an educator.” I started reading deeper into the blog and Mr. McClung decided to not worry about what his peers thought as long as the kids are taken care of and are having fun while learning. As for myself I do care to a certain degree about how my peers view me but a lot like Mr. McClung I will stick to what has gotten me this far . I will keep working hard and use skills and use concepts in class that will give my peers, students, and my superiors no reason to dislike me as a person or as an educator. I found this video on You Tube that has some great tips on the characteristics of a great teacher.

At The Teachers Desk

I also read Mr. McClung’s blog post form June 23, 2011 One of the things that really stuck out to me is when he said that we should not get wrapped up in pleasing individuals weather this is our superiors, peers, or our kid. Mr. McClung said” we should remember the reason we got into this profession and that our decision making process should be student centered and not centered on pleasing adults.” I find this to be very important because students are the main focus of our job not their parent or fellow teachers. I am not saying that you should just ignore everything that other teachers or administrators say to you but don’t stray from who you are. This brings me to probably one my favorite things I have read for this assignment and it is summed up in one short statement. Don’t be afraid to be a outsider. I know you are probably like why in the heck would I want to be an outsider? But Mr. McClung will change the way you feel about being an outsider. Along the same lines of staying true to yourself and not fallowing the crowd then you cannot be afraid to be an outsider. A lot like Mr. McClung I don’t care if I am an outsider and I have never really cared or tried to excel in social situations but have given most of my focus to school, sports, family, and most of all God. When I Become a teacher I Will be adding my students to this list because I want to stay connected to my students so that I am more than Just a teacher I want to be a person that they can count on for more than just homework problems. I really enjoyed this assignment it really made me think about what type of teacher I want to be.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Blog Post 8

The Schools of Tomorrow

Have you ever heard someone say I can't wait for school tomorrow? Well the question that I feel the videos by Richard Miller ask me as a future educator was are you ready for the school of tomorrow? As I watched the videos I realized there is know way that I am prepared right now. After that I felt as if I was behind in my skills with technology. Then I realized that that is why I am in EDM-310. After realizing this I felt a lot better but I knew that if I wanted to learn how to use tools such as Skype and other multimedia's that I would have to let everything I learn in this class to really sink in and take root.

I say this because in the first video Richard Miller talks about how he was raised in a house with books and that he wanted a career that involved lots and lots of books. Well that is not at all how I felt when I was young all I wanted to do was fish and play football. So reading and learning were the last things on my mind one reason is because I hated to read. But now that I have gotten older I have realized that no matter what you do you have to learn and read.What really caught my eye in the video when he talked about how we can go from a reading and writing society to a watching and listening society who still give something to what the watch and listen to. That means using new technologies and multimedia's. As I thought how this could apply to my future profession as a Football coach and Educator I will have to know how to use these tools to communicate with players and students, Break down film, draw up plays, give my students projects using their PLN and sending my players stuff such as last minute adjustments for a game. either by multimedia writing or by video.

I will know how to wright in Multimedia and use all the other tools but I will probably learn even more things from my students because they probably will start in the 3rd grade so they will know all the new stuff that comes out before I do. But I was given a major reality check after watching these two videos. They gave me a lot to work on and like the old saying goes you are either getting better or your getting worse you never stay the same. I want to get better and further my skills using Multimedia's.

My Blog About Blog post 12

After reading Carly Paugh"s blog I couldn't agree more I thing that as future educators we should think about or philosophies when we are teachers. I also think that as a teacher we should get our students philosophies so that we can understand them as who they are as people not only as our students. As a teacher I want to motivate and inspire my students to do their best. As a sports fanatic I am big on inspirational quotes and videos I mentioned this video in a blog post this semester but it think you should watch it.

This video could be applied to more then sports but It could be used to show our students how bad we want them to succeed. and How we want them to know our personal philosophy and how we want to engage our students in their work by making it interesting and fun for theme. A great quote I heard says" We are what we repeatedly do." by Aristotle. I think as teachers we should repeatedly show our students our passion for them to succeed and do their best. I really enjoyed reading Carly's blog and I think that she had an amazing Idea. My big question to myself and to other aspiring teachers is How bad do you want it? How bad do you want you want your students to succeed, how bad do you want them to reach their goals and dreams. We as future teachers are the ones responsible for helping them reach their dreams.

The Chipper Series and EDM 310 For Dummies

After watching the Chipper Series videos and the EDM 310 For Dummies video I thought about some ideas on videos I would like to do. One Of the ideas I have for a video would be to do a video on The C4K Projects were there will be video clips shown on what to do and what not to do. This video will also show good techniques for writing a good comment on someones blog. I think the main point of these two videos is that yes EDM is super time consuming and the teaching method is very out of the ordinary but we have to adapt to the new style of learning that Dr. Strange is using.

Learn to change,Change to Learn

In this video the argument about changing the way we educate students is the main idea. I think that we should change some of the ways we educate our students by using tools such as Skype, Twitter, And other personal networking systems. I also think that we should keep the students in a classroom setting were they can interact with the other students in there grade and class. Students I think learn more then just reading, writing, and math in school. I think they also learn good social skills and how to interact with people from background opposite of theirs. So I would Change Some aspects of the way we educate our students but I would also keep some of teaching styles.

Scavenger Hunt 2.0

I Found a new Video tool called Animoto this allows the students to do many different things with their videos one of the things students could do with this is change their regular video into animation. This will help with the students creativity and it could help them with different assignments in class.

I found a slide show tool called prezi. From what I have read about this tool it is said that it blows Power Point presentations out of the water because it takes it to a different level. After reading about it I created my own Prezi account. The best part about it is that its free. so you gotta check it out.

I found the tool Poll Every were this allows you to create polls on the go with the app for iPhone and also on the internet. I created my own poll and it was simple and fun. Students could use this to decide class elections or what the want to do for their free time that day. This is a very cool tool.

Saturday, October 20, 2012


Celebrating Global Connections

After reading Ms. Elvira Deyamport's blog about global connections I realized just how important of a tool Skype could be in the classroom. On Ms. Deyamport's blog she has a video showing her students talking and interacting with other kids but these kids were not the kid down the hall or even in another school in their county. They were interacting with other students from around the world. As I watched the video I realized that the students are learning more then just how to interact with other students but they are also learning about other cultures and that the world is bigger then just the United States. This Us of Skype in the classroom Is by far one of may favorite things that I have been introduce to. I enjoyed reading the Global Connections blog very much.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Blog Post 7

The Networked Student

This video was very interesting. It makes the viewer stop and think about how much has changed in the way that students are getting educated in the 21st century. One of the first things that the video says is that the student does not have a book for his class. To us that may sound a little crazy but to students who are and will be in the public school system in a couple of years this is how they will be given their home work and school work. This is happening today in the Baldwin County schools. My little brother is a freshman at Foley High School and he literally does everything on the internet to complete his school work.

This raises the question why does the student in the 21st century need a teacher?
This is a question that was ask in the video. A student is going to need a teacher because the teacher is going to be there to help the student expand their PLN, how to know when they are reading good information or just a bunch of junk, and how to set up a Personal Learning Environment(PLE) were the students can use tools such as Google scholar. A (PLE) allows the student to organize all of their information they pull off of the internet onto one page. The Teacher of the 21st century is not only going to have to know the information in the class but they are going to have to know how to utilize the tools to teach the students, tools such as a smart board, how to set up a personal learning network(PLN), and showing the students how to use tools such as i pads, and other multimedia devices.

This video really opened my eyes to a lot of information that I haven't thought about because as a student who whats to become a teacher I will have to know how to use all of these tools of learning. It also opened my eyes to the fact that yes this class is very time consuming but it is worth it because it is preparing me with skills that I will need if I want to become a teacher in the 21st century. This video was very simple but it had a very strong message about what us future educators will be faced with. This was a very good assignment and I enjoyed it very much.

Sunday, October 7, 2012


Language Journeys

Language Journeys: The 21st Century Gifted Educator is a great blog by Ms.Elvira G. Deyamport. This Blog and video contains information on how she utilizes social medias in her classroom such as Skype, Twitter, and Facebook. I think social medias are great tools to use in the classroom because the allow students to access their work not only in the classroom but outside the classroom as well. For example students who missed a day and an assignment due to whatever reason could use and of the social medias above to communicate with classmates and the teacher for information on their assignments.

These social medias in the classroom will also prepare the students for the technological workplace of the future. Things such as Skype Could be great ways for the students to express and share information on what they have learned with not only classmates but everyone on there social media site. I Really enjoyed reading this blog and watching the video. I didn't realize how useful Skype, Twitter, and Facebook can be in the classroom I would like to thank Ms. Elvira G. Deyamport for her amazing blog post. It was very Informative and contained a lot of great information.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Blog Post 6

Randy Pausch Last Lecture

This video contained a lot of great information for current and students working on their degrees to become educators. One of The First things he mentioned was leadership. This is one of the most important skills that a teacher can have because in a classroom setting the teacher is the leader. They must know everything going on in their classroom. Not only school work but also If a student is being bullied or a student is falling behind the teacher must be there to nip the problem in the but and show the students that your are there for them.

In the video Mr. Pausch told a story about his football coach who kept drilling him and riding him all practice. At the end of the practice a assistant coach ask him if the coach was on his case non stop. Mr. Pausch said "yes he was." The assistant said good that shows that he hasn't given up on you. As teachers we must never for any reason give up on a student. Not only can this be detrimental to a student grades but it can destroy their self esteem. As a leader one thing you must do is be encouraging and motivating. At the same time you must also tell them what they are doing wrong and drill it into there head the right way to do things. Like the old saying goes practice makes perfect.

But what if a student hits a brick wall? In the video he say something that is very important he said" The brick walls are not there to keep us out they are there to give us a chance for us to show how bad we want something." This is so true as teachers when we are faced with a student who is having problems that can be considered a brick wall but as a teacher we must break down that wall with encouragement and good teaching techniques. When I Played football for Louisiana College our I was shown this video. In the video the narrator tells a story. In this story there is a man who wants to be successful and another man who is already very successful. The successful man and the other man go to the beach. they walk out into the ocean until the unsuccessful man cant hardly breath, He is fighting for air. Just before the man drowns the successful man pulls him up and says when you want to succeed and bad as you want to breath then you will be successful.

I think this goes hand in hand with what Randy pausch says about the brick walls. We can only go as far as we are willing to go. It all depends on one person and that is you. As a teacher you have to be that Leader who dose not lose hope in their student and encourages them to break down their brick wall, So that once they break down that wall they will know that they have overcome and succeeded in their educational goals. The Last Lecture video was an amazing video and I think all teachers and soon to be educators should watch it.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Blog Post 5

The iSchool Initiative

Watching this video you can see how passionate he is about the changes that should be made in our education system. In the video he mentioned how school systems are suffering budget cuts. What better way to save money then to use the iSchool technology. With the iSchool applications schools would not have to spent all their money on books, paper, and copying machines. Just think about how much money schools waste on paper in one school year. All of that money could supply equipment for the students that could be used not only for one school year, But for their whole high school career. On top of that all the money spent on books could be used for many Different things such as improving other school programs or even adding teachers to the staff.

The iSchool also would eliminate such the classic I forgot my homework or the dog ate it. With I school your assignments would be sent in to the teacher as soon as the student finishes their work. Not only does the iSchool Help out on our schools pocket books but it also prepares the students for the future jobs and everyday life. I think the iSchool is a very good idea that I think schools should look into and give some serious though about iSchool it is a very good idea and it was a very eye opening video to watch.

Eric Whitacre's Virtual Chior

This video was very cool it just proves how you can really utilize technology in many diffrent ways. Not only to watch movies and videos but to also things such as the Virtual Chior You gotta watch this video.

Teaching in the 21st Century

To teach in the 21st Century you must utilize the technologies that are going to prepare the students for their future.Kevin Roberts video Teaching in the 21st century is something that I believe all future teachers should watch. It shows us that as teachers students have access to as much information if not more at home when the are on the computer and that as educators teachers must embrace tools such as Twitter, Blogs, and Facebook. Students will be using technology for the rest of their lives and even more then we do now so the more familiar they are with the processes of how to use technology the better of they will be in the future. As an educator this video should make you want to utilize these tools in your class so that your students will have a better chance of being successful. this was a very good video.

Why I Flipped My Classroom

This is a very good idea that I think all teachers should use. Flipping your class room could be one of the most effective ways of education your student not just the middle range of student but it allows all the students to learn. From the Underdeveloped students to the advanced students. It allows the whole class period to be full of learning not just reviewing and lecturing to a bunch of blank, sleeping, and board students. The I Flipped My Classroom video is a very insightful video for teachers and teachers to be.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Blog Post 4

1st Graders Create Their Own Read Along Book
This topic really had a impact on me because I remember how hard it was for me to grasp the concept of reading when I was in the 1st grade. It wasn't because I didn't have the intellectual capacity but it is because I am didn't know at the time that I was dyslexic. witch at the time I didn't know that is what was holding me back so I didn't know how to cope with my disability. I really struggled with reading and I think If children were given these tools not to just listen to them and goof off but to learn skills that will help them for the rest of their lives. To me that is something that cant be replaced. If you think about it these read along books are not only a useful too for sharpening their skills but they allow the students to interact with what they are learning.

The read along audio books would also be a great way for the student to increase their vocabulary and pronunciation of words because lets face it as kids we have a hard time pronouncing long difficult words. The read along books would allow them to practice their skills in pronunciation unlike sitting there in a corner reading to yourself quietly in the corner. The actual act of verbally saying the words while reading allows the student go grasp the skills of learning not only how to read but how to speak in more fluent correct sentences. Once a kid reads and fallows along with the read along audio books then the will have the confidence and ability to make their own read along audio book witch can be a major boost in their self esteem, belief, and confidence in their skills. These read along audio books are also a great idea for students with special needs because it gives them a alternative to improve their reading skills. I enjoyed this very much and i would like to thank Ms. Silvia Rosenthal for sharing this post with us all. I found it a very enjoyable topic.

Students listening to read along audio on i pod.

Project #5 Presentation

C4T assignment #1

Daily Digital Discoveries

I would like to thank Dianne Krause so much for posting this blog about Zinio. Witch is a very cool way of reading,watching, and listening with out having to buy tapes, books, or videos. Zinio allows you to read your favorite magazines and educational material all on your laptop. without all the hustle and bustle of going to a library.

What caught my eye more than anything about Zinio is that not only did it have educational books and videos it also includes magazines like ESPN Magazine,Mens Fitness, and many more. One of the things I think is neat is that with Zinio you don't have to go spend money on a whole magazine just to read one article that strikes your fancy. All you have to do is look it up and read it without having to spend the money on a magazine that you only what to read one article out of. I personally really really enjoyed this blog post and am very glad I not only read it but also looked around at the Zinio site and read a couple of articles that I found interesting. I think everyone should check out this Zinio site.

Dianne's Digital Discoveries

Dianne Krause Also posted a blog about NET for kids by Rebecca Amerson. I fallowed the link to the Prezi site and found out how useful this instrument could be in a school setting especially in the K-6th grade. it has very unique layout to catch the eye of a young child or student. As I thought about it this could also be a great resource for special education programs. I would like to thank Ms. Krause again for posting this blog.